5 Fun Facts About Handbag Materials

A bag is a very essential part of women’s life these days. They carry it literally everywhere they go. Some buy bags because of its outlook, while others buy bags looking at the practicability of a bag. No matter what it is used for, it is still one of the most indispensable accessory for women. The material used for bags commonly consist of leather, fabric, straw etc. Women know a lot about bags, but we have gathered 5 fun facts about handbag materials.

5 fun facts about handbag materials for women

5 Fun Facts About Handbag Materials

Handbags like all other accessories have a history, they were initially created at some point and then evolved over time. Everything has a certain aspect of facts that can either be backed with their history. We enlisted 5 fun facts about handbag materials. 5 facts for science of handbags and so much more. Have a look!

1. Women Carried Boxes with Chains Around Necks in 19th Century

Before the nineteenth century, bags made from fabric were not introduced and women used to carry boxes around their neck with the help of chain. Those boxes were very heavy and difficult to carry all around.

2. Hunter Bags Made of Animal Skin

People used to carry bags made with the skin of animals in the prehistoric periods and nowadays it is possible that you come across bag figures in the paintings from the Ancient Egypt, Sumerians, Urartians etc. These bags are named as hunter bags.

3. Bags from Petroleum Derived Materials

Some bags are even made of the petroleum derived material. That means, these are derived from products like gasoline, distillates (i.e. diesel fuel), jet fuel, asphalt etc.

4. The First Zipper was Introduced in 1920s

Zippers was introduced to bags in around 1920s. The Hermes Company started to make zipper bags made of soft materials. These also included embroidered bags. Hermes Company is known as the epoch when we talk about the production of bags.

5. A Bag Made of Diamond (Most Expensive Bag)

The most expensive bag is made up of diamond as a material. It is a heart-shaped replica of 19 carat gold that is covered with 4517 diamonds. The cost of this bag is around 3 million euros. It is named as Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse.