What are the Types of Handbags?

Handbags are one of the essential personal items that complete any look of a person, be it formal or informal. A handbag can be of routine use or specially designed to go along with an outfit for an occasion Handbags are a very integral part of the fashion world and facilitate the demand of every man and woman. Based on the size, fabrics, comfort, designs, patterns, and safety, there are numerous types of handbags that primarily act as a complimentary clothing accessory as well as protection for personal belongings. Types of handbags are varied in color, shape, size, structure, and functions, according to the choices of women from 20 to 65 years old.

Types of Handbags for Women in Pakistan

Types of Handbags

Handbags are woven, hand-made, as well as machinery. Normally, it is stated that every women at least possess 3 bags per year, with working woman needs minimum of 2 bags per year. Usually, people favor the purchase of such handbags that can grace almost every event. To accommodate this high demand, manufacturers have showcased collections having different types of handbags. Some of the trendy bags are listed below:

The types of handbags available are standard-made as well as can be customized to the customer’s order. The beauty and glamour added to handbags can be increased by multiple folds through the incorporation of stickers, colors, beads, embroidery, quilting, décor items, and even initials mentioned on handbag’s covers.

Culture of handbags

Handbag evolution started with hand-woven bags to the current trendy designer bags. There are innumerable types of handbags with qualities like efficient durability, high elasticity, excellent fabric, and non-perishability, resistance to chemicals, oils, and fats.

  • The most common handbag among teenagers is the satchel consisting on a long strap and worn on shoulders. Such bags are good for casual events and formal gatherings.
  • A famous handbag is the clutch bag which is ideal for fashion styles and celebrations. These are simply used in the hand without any straps or handles.
  • Another type of large handbag is the Hobo bag which is quite appropriate for elderly individuals. This version of the bag is provided with two differently-sized straps.
  • Tote bags are significantly the types of handbags that are loved by all, as these are handy and can hold many items in them.